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Table 1 Search string for PubMed and Embase

From: Animal models of disuse-induced bone loss: study protocol for a systematic review

  PubMed Embase
Block 1 (bone*[tiab] OR skeleton*[tiab]) (bone*:ab,ti OR skeleton*:ab,ti)
Block 2 (immobilisation*[tiab] OR immobilization*[tiab] OR disuse*[tiab] OR “non ambulating”[tiab] OR restraint*[tiab] OR unloading*[tiab] OR “non weight bearing”[tiab] OR “non load bearing”[tiab] OR “non loadbearing”[tiab] OR paralyzed*[tiab] OR paralysed*[tiab] OR monoplegic*[tiab] OR paraplegic*[tiab] OR hemiplegic*[tiab] OR tetraplegic*[tiab] OR quadroplegic*[tiab]) (immobilisation*:ab,ti OR immobilization*:ab,ti OR disuse*:ab,ti OR “non ambulating”:ab,ti OR restraint*:ab,ti OR unloading*:ab,ti OR “non weight bearing”:ab,ti OR “non load bearing”:ab,ti OR “non loadbearing”:ab,ti OR paralyzed*:ab,ti OR paralysed*:ab,ti OR monoplegic*:ab,ti OR paraplegic*:ab,ti OR hemiplegic*:ab,ti OR tetraplegic*:ab,ti OR quadroplegic*:ab,ti)
Block 3 Search filter for animal experimentation developed by Hooijmans et al. [16] Search filter for animal experimentation developed by de Vries et al. [17]
Block 4 (“letter”[publication type] OR “comment”[publication type] OR “editorial”[publication type] OR review[publication type]) (“conference abstract”/it OR “conference paper”/it OR “conference review”/it OR “review”/it OR “editorial”/it OR “letter”/it OR “note”/it) AND [embase]/lim NOT [medline]/lim