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Table 1 Overview of the Cochrane reviews used as reference standards

From: Combining abbreviated literature searches with single-reviewer screening: three case studies of rapid reviews

Case study Author, year of publication Cochrane review title
Cochrane review group
Aim Number of studies (number of publications) included in the Cochrane review
1 Goldkuhle et al. 2018 [16] Nivolumab for adults with Hodgkin’s lymphoma
Hematological malignancies group
To assess the benefits and harms of nivolumab in adult individuals with Hodgkin’s lymphoma 3 (26)
2 Kunath et al. 2019 [18] Early versus deferred androgen suppression for treating advanced prostate cancer
Urology group
To assess the effects of early versus deferred androgen suppression therapy for advanced hormone-sensitive prostate cancer 10 (53)
3 Pega et al. 2017 [17] Unconditional cash transfers for reducing poverty and vulnerabilities
Public health group
To assess the effect of unconditional cash transfers for reducing poverty and vulnerabilities on the use of health services and health outcomes in children and adults in low- and middle-income countries 21 (68)