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Table 1 PICO parameters

From: Harms associated with gambling: abbreviated systematic review protocol

 Harm to….
GamblersClose associates of gamblers (e.g. friends/family)Wider society
PopulationAdults and children, all ages, including studies which focus on sub-groups of the population (e.g. by sex, deprivation, geographical location or from an institution)
IssueGambling (to include all forms of gambling, including gambling-related aspects of gaming, see the ‘Definitions’ section)
ComparisonNone (descriptive studies), any (for comparative studies, e.g. non-gambling general population versus gamblers)
OutcomeHarms to gamblers (e.g. financial, emotional, health)Harms to close associates of gamblers (e.g. relationship conflict, child neglect)Harms to wider society (e.g. crime, work absenteeism)