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Table 1 NICE single technology appraisals of systemic therapies for psoriasis that include network meta-analyses

From: Patient characteristics as effect modifiers for psoriasis biologic treatment response: an assessment using network meta-analysis subgroups

Psoriasis systemic therapyTreatment classNumber of trials included in NMASensitivity analyses undertaken
Adalimumab (TA146, 2008) [7]Anti-TNF-alpha18 randomised controlled trials (RCTs)N/A
Ustekinumab (TA180, 2009) [8]Anti-IL-12/2320 RCTsN/A
Secukinumab (TA350, 2015) [9]Anti-IL-1726 RCTsBaseline PASI score; psoriasis duration; prior biologic therapy exposure; baseline Dermatology Life Quality Index (DLQI) score
Apremilast (TA419, 2016) [10]Anti-PDE422 RCTsPrior biologic therapy exposure
Ixekizumab (TA442, 2017) [11]Anti-IL-1740 RCTsAll treatment doses (base case included only NICE-approved doses)
Dimethyl fumarate (TA475, 2017) [12]Nrf2 activator37 RCTsN/A
Brodalumab (TA511, 2018) [4]Anti-IL-1759 RCTsNICE-approved treatment doses; timing of primary outcome assessment; trial size; prior biologic therapy exposure; baseline PASI score
Certolizumab pegol (TA574, 2019) [13]Anti-TNF-alpha65 RCTsPrior biologic therapy exposure
Tildrakizumab (TA575, 2019) [14]Anti-IL-2345 RCTsTiming of primary outcome assessment