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Table 2 PICOS eligibility criteria as adapted for full-text assessment

From: Vitamin B—Can it prevent cognitive decline? A systematic review and meta-analysis

  Included in review Excluded from review
Patient population Healthy individuals
Pre-existing conditions other than stated on the right
Any form of cognitive impairment
Pre-existing mental disorders
Children and adolescents
Pregnant women
Intervention Oral supplementation with vitamin B
• B1/B6/folic acid/B12
• Single or in different combinations
• Combined with other micro-nutrients
Additional interventions other than stated on the left
Use of vitamin B not explicitly stated
Comparison Control group (placebo) Any other
Outcomes Global cognition
Change in cognitive performance from baseline to the follow-up last available
Non-cognitive outcome measures
Studies lacking data on change of cognitive measures
Study design RCTs (randomized controlled trials)
Controlled studies
Non-controlled studies (pre-post design)