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Table 4 Multi-way cross-classification matrix: health focus, delivery mode and intervention by country

From: Use and uptake of web-based therapeutic interventions amongst Indigenous populations in Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America and Canada: a scoping review

Health focus Delivery mode Intervention No. of studies
Mental health Service provider R U Appy (Bennet-Levy) 1   
DM-DS(Starks)    1
Self-administered Sparx (Fleming; Shepherd(2))   3  
iBobbly (Povey*; Tighe) 1.5   
Administered with HCP support Stay Strong (Dingwall (2); Povey*; Bird) 3.5   
Stayin on Track (Fletcher) 1   
Harmful alcohol and illicit drug use Self-administered Therapeutic education system (Campbell)    1
SBIRT (Gorman; Montag)    2
e-SBINZ (Kypri)   1  
Hawk 2 (Raghupath)    1
Smoking cessation Self-administered SmokingZine (Bowan; Taualii)    2
Cardiac Service Provider PREDICT-CVD (Riddell; Whittaker)   2  
Administered with HCP support CSIRO Cardiac rehab (Bradford) 1   
Diabetes Self-administered Kaya Tracker (Robertson)    1
Administered with HCP support Stanford IDSMW (Johnson)    1
My Care Team (Levine)    1
General health/ nutrition Self-administered Gigiigoo’inaan (Dellinger) 1   
  SSB (Tonkin)    1
  Wellness mHealth Program (Verbiest) 1   
Administered with HCP support Diet Bytes (Ashman)   1  
• Asthma
• Sudden Infant Death
• Otitis Media
Service provider GASP (Ram)   1  
Self-administered Baby Essentials online (Cowan)   1  
Non-interactive Otitis Media MMS (Phillips) 1   
Total health foci: 9 Total programmes for service providers: 4
Self-administered: 12
Non-interactive: 1
Administered with assistance: 6
Total individual programmes: 23 *Povey includes two programmes.