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Table 2 Data extraction variables

From: Use and uptake of web-based therapeutic interventions amongst Indigenous populations in Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America and Canada: a scoping review

Variable name Description
Author The surname of the first author of the source publication.
Year Year study published.
Country Country and population where the study was conducted.
WBTI Name of the web-based therapeutic intervention.
Aim Purpose of the WBTI (e.g. treatment, education, adherence, chronic disease management)
Health condition The health condition targeted by the WBTI.
Participants Descriptive demographics about the study population
Delivery mode WBTI components, frequency intensity and duration of use, self or clinician administered, or clinician assisted
Context The setting where the study was conducted (e.g. health service or community setting, geographic location (urban, rural, remote), other relevant details reported by authors.
Design The study design.
Outcomes The key outcome measures for the study.
Results Whether the WBTI had a positive or negative change, or no change.
Explanation Explanations provided by the authors for uptake and treatment effects.
Findings Author’s conclusions, interpretations and recommendations.