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Table 1 Search Strategy for PubMed

From: Use and uptake of web-based therapeutic interventions amongst Indigenous populations in Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America and Canada: a scoping review

Category Search terms
Population of interest ((“Oceanic Ancestry Group”[mh] OR Aborig*[tw] OR Indigen*[tw] OR (Torres Strait[tw] AND Islander*[tw]) OR “health services, indigenous”[mh]) AND (.au[ad] OR australia[ad] OR Australia[mh] OR Australia[tiab] OR Northern Territory[tiab] OR Northern Territory[ad] OR Tasmania[tiab] OR Tasmania[ad] OR New South Wales[tiab] OR New South Wales[ad] OR Victoria[tiab] OR Victoria[ad] OR Queensland[tiab] OR Queensland[ad])) OR Native American[tiab] OR Maori*[tiab] OR (indigenous[tiab] AND new zealand[tiab]) OR “Indians, North American”[mh] OR “Inuits”[mh] OR Inuit*[tiab] OR first nation*[tiab] OR “Alaska Natives”[mh] OR metis[tiab] OR Eskimo*[tiab] OR Canada[mh] OR United States[mh]
Intervention “telemedicine”[mh] OR telemed*[tiab] OR ehealth[tiab] OR e-health[tiab] OR web*[tiab] OR internet[tiab] OR computer*[tiab] OR mobile[tiab] OR app*[tiab] OR apps[tiab] OR blog*[tiab] OR “social media”[tiab] OR iphone*[tiab] OR smartphone*[tiab] OR “smart phone*”[tiab]
Health issues (“mental disorders”[mh] OR “gambling”[mh] OR “chronic disease”[mh] OR “exercise”[mh] OR “delivery of health care”[mh] OR “self care”[mh] OR “disease management”[mh] OR “nutrition therapy”[mh] OR “health behavior”[mh] OR “psychotherapy”[mh] OR “patient acceptance of health care”[mh] OR depress*[tiab] OR anxiety[tiab] OR suicid*[tiab] OR “stress management[tiab] OR addict*[tiab] OR drug*[tiab] OR methamphetamine*[tiab] OR alcohol*[tiab] OR ice[tiab] OR meth[tiab] OR amphetamine*[tiab] OR heroin[tiab] OR inhalant*[tiab] OR marijuana[tiab] OR cannabis[tiab] OR morphine[tiab] OR buprenorphine[tiab] OR methadone[tiab] OR speed[tiab] OR crystal[tiab] OR LSD[tiab] OR ecstasy[tiab] OR cocaine[tiab] OR GHB[tiab] OR MDMA[tiab] OR ketamine[tiab] OR solvent*[tiab] OR opioid*[tiab] OR opiate*[tiab] OR narcotic*[tiab] OR illicit[tiab] OR binge drink*[tiab] OR tobacco[tiab] OR smok*[tiab] OR wellbeing[tiab] OR well being[tiab] OR nutrition[tiab] OR diet[tiab] OR medication[tiab] OR adherence[tiab] OR complian*[tiab] OR self manag*[tiab] OR pain manag*[tiab])