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Table 3 Association between VP and VCI

From: Velamentous cord insertion: results from a rapid review of incidence, risk factors, adverse outcomes and screening

StudyVCI cases in VPVP in cases with VCI
Bronsteen et al. [49]43/48 (89.6%)NR
Hasegawa et al. [56]NR9/84 (10.7%)
Heller et al. [50]3/3 (100%)NR
Kanda et al. [51]8/10 (80%)NR
Melcer et al. [55]21/32 (65.6%)NR
Rebarber et al. [52]21/29 (72%)NR
Smorgick et al. [53]10/19 (52.7%)NR
Suzuki and Kato [8]3/3 (100%)3/168 (1.8%)
Swank et al. [54]20/49 (40.8%)NR
  1. Values in italics were calculated by the review authors
  2. NR not reported