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Table 2 Summary of publications with relevant VCI data

From: Velamentous cord insertion: results from a rapid review of incidence, risk factors, adverse outcomes and screening

StudyStudy designCountryYears of studyCriterion 1 – EpidemiologyCriterion 4 – ScreeningCriteria 9 and 10 – Management pathways
Baumfeld 2016 [57]RetrospectiveIsrael1988 to 2012Epidemiology, adverse outcomes--
Bronsteen 2013 [49], Lee 2000 [71]RetrospectiveUSA1990 to 2010Epidemiology, natural history, adverse outcomesTest accuracy[b]
Brouillet 2014 [72]RetrospectiveFrance2006Epidemiology--
Bukowski 2017 [60]Case-controlUSA2006 to 2008Adverse outcomes--
Chu 2013 [61]RetrospectiveUSA2010 to 2011Adverse outcomes--
Cirstoiu 2016 [40]RetrospectiveRomania2010 to 2016Epidemiology, adverse outcomes--
Costa-Castro 2013 [42], Lopriore 2007 [73], Lopriore 2012 [74]RetrospectivePortugal, the Netherlands2002 to 2012Epidemiology, adverse outcomes--
Costa-Castro 2016 [44]RetrospectivePortugal, the Netherlands2005 to 2015Epidemiology, adverse outcomes--
Couck 2018 [75]RetrospectiveBelgium2002 to 2016Epidemiology--
De Paepe 2010a [45], De Paepe 2010b [76]ProspectiveUSA2001 to 2008Epidemiology--
De Paepe 2011 [46]ProspectiveUSA2009 to 2011Epidemiology--
Di Salvo 1998 [63]ProspectiveUSA1992 to 1995Epidemiology [a]Test accuracy-
Ebbing 2013 [4], Ebbing 2015 [1],Ebbing 2017 [3]RetrospectiveNorway1999 to 2011Epidemiology, adverse outcomes--
Hack 2008 [58]ProspectiveThe Netherlands1998 to 2007Epidemiology, adverse outcomes--
Hack 2009 [48]ProspectiveThe Netherlands1998 to 2008Epidemiology, adverse outcomes--
Hasegawa 2005 [65], Hasegawa 2006 [69]Prospective, retrospectiveJapan2002 to 2004Epidemiology, adverse outcomes [a]Test accuracy-
Hasegawa 2009a [5], Hasegawa 2009b [77]Retrospective cohortJapan2005 to 2006Epidemiology, adverse outcomes--
Hasegawa 2011 [39]Retrospective cohortJapan2006 to 2009Epidemiology--
Heller 2014 [50]RetrospectiveUSA2007 to 2011Epidemiology, adverse outcomes--
Ismail 2017 [62]ProspectiveIreland2016Epidemiology, adverse outcomes--
Kalafat 2018 [38]RetrospectiveUK2000 to 2016Epidemiology--
Kanda 2011 [51]RetrospectiveJapan2002 to 2007Epidemiology, adverse outcomesTest accuracy[b]
Kent 2011 [47]ProspectiveIreland2007 to 2009Epidemiology, adverse outcomes--
Lepais 2014 [78]RetrospectiveFrance2005 to 2009Epidemiology--
McNamara 2014 [6]RetrospectiveCanada1978 to 2007Epidemiology, adverse outcomes--
Melcer 2017 [55]RetrospectiveIsrael2005 to 2016Epidemiology--
Nomiyama 1998 [66]ProspectiveJapan1993 to 1996Epidemiology [a]Test accuracy-
Pinar 2014 [59]Case-controlUSA2006 to 2008Epidemiology--
Pretorius 1996 [16]ProspectiveUSA1992 to 1993Epidemiology [a]Test accuracy-
Raisanen 2012 [7]RetrospectiveFinland2000 to 2011Epidemiology, adverse outcomes--
Rebarber 2014 [52]RetrospectiveUSA2005 to 2012Epidemiology, natural history, adverse outcomes-[b]
Sepulveda 2006 [67]ProspectiveChileNREpidemiology [a]Test accuracy-
Sepulveda 2003 [68]ProspectiveChile2001 to 2002Epidemiology [a]Test accuracy-
Smorgick 2010 [53]RetrospectiveIsrael1998 to 2007Epidemiology, adverse outcomes--
Suzuki 2015 [8]ProspectiveJapan2002 to 2011Epidemiology, adverse outcomes--
Swank 2016 [54]RetrospectiveUSA2000 to 2012Epidemiology, natural history, adverse outcomes--
Walker 2012 [79]RetrospectiveCanada2000 to 2010Epidemiology--
Waszak 2016 [43]NRPolandNREpidemiology, adverse outcomes--
Yanaihara 2018 [41]NRJapan2015 to 2017Epidemiology--
Yerlikaya 2016 [9]Case-controlAustria2003 to 2013Epidemiology, adverse outcomes--
  1. [a] Studies were completed before 2000 so epidemiology data were not extracted, but other relevant data from the study were extracted. [b] Management pathways reported descriptively but not analytically; NR not reported