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Table 2 Pilot database search results

From: School-going transgender youths’ experiences at health care facilities: a systematic scoping review protocol

KeywordsDate of searchName of search engineNumber of publications
((“transgender persons”[MeSH Terms] OR (“transgender”[All Fields] AND “persons”[All Fields]) OR “transgender persons”[All Fields] OR “transgender”[All Fields]) AND Experiences[All Fields]) AND (“health facilities”[MeSH Terms] OR (“health”[All Fields] AND “facilities”[All Fields]) OR “health facilities”[All Fields] OR (“health”[All Fields] AND “care”[All Fields] AND “facilities”[All Fields]) OR “health care facilities”[All Fields])22/02/2020PubMed26
“School-going”22/02/2020Cochran Library126
“School and transgender persons”16
“Transgender Youth”20
“Transgender experiences”18
“Transgender health-care facilities”2
   Total: 428