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Table 1 Methods used to identify people with Internet gaming disorder

From: Exploring the prevalence of gaming disorder and Internet gaming disorder: a rapid scoping review

MethodRange‡No. of studies
2C-VAT 2.0NA1
4DSM-5 criteria for IGD0–948
5DSM-5 questionnaire - German0–9*1
7Health professional applying the DSM-5 IGD criteriaNA46
8IGD Checklist - 12 items0–9*3
9IGD Checklist - 9 items0–9*5
10IGD Scale - 27 item dichotomous0–271
11IGD Scale - 27 item polytomous0–135*2
12IGD Scale - 27 item polytomous – Turkish0–135*1
13IGD Scale - 9 item0–92
14IGD Scale - 9 item dichotomous0–99
15IGD Scale - 9 item polytomous - Turkish0–45*1
16IGD Scale - dichotomous0–271
17IGD Scale - polytomous0–135*2
18IGD-20 Test20 –100*1
19IGD-20 Test – Spanish20–100*1
20IGD-9 Scale0–91
22IGDQ – German0–9*2
24IGDS9-SF – Italian9–45*3
26Internet Gaming Addiction Scale0–7*1
27K-scale - Korean Internet Addiction Scale for Adolescents20––801
29Problem gaming instrument0–11*1
30PVP Scale0–94
33VGA questionnaire (revised)15–45*1
35Video Game Dependency Scale18–72*1
  1. NA not applicable (the method is not based on a numerical score); NR not reported (information not provided in the included study); C-IGDS Chinese Internet Gaming Disorder Scale; C-VAT Clinical Video game Addiction Test; DQVMIA: Diagnostic Questionnaires for Video Games, Mobile Phone or Internet Addiction; GAIT The Gaming Addiction Identification Test; IGD Internet Gaming Disorder; IGDI Internet Gaming Disorder Interview; IGDQ Internet Gaming Disorder Questionnaire; IGDS9-SF Internet Gaming Disorder Scale - Short Form; IGDT-10 Ten-Item Internet Gaming Disorder Test; PIE-9 Personal Internet Gaming Disorder Evaluation; PVP Scale Problematic Videogame Playing Scale; SCI-IGD Structured Clinical Interview for Internet Gaming Disorder; VAT Video game Addiction Test; VGA Video Game Addiction; VGAQ Video Game Addiction Questionnaire
  2. ‡Lower to upper limit of responses
  3. *Range was calculated using reported data