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Table 2 Financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry among authors of reviewed meta-analyses

From: Reporting of financial conflicts of interest in meta-analyses of drug trials published in high-impact medical journals: comparison of results from 2017 to 2018 and 2009

AuthorJournalNumber of authorsAuthors that reported any industry financial tiesAuthors that reported industry board membershipAuthors that reported industry consultancyAuthors that reported equity holdingsAuthors that reported receiving research funding from industryAuthors that reported holding patentsAuthors that reported receiving royaltiesAuthors that reported receiving speaker fees/payment for development of presentationsAuthors that reported receiving travel reimbursementAuthors that reported receiving unspecified FCOI
General medicine
Feller et al. [23]JAMA150/15000000000
McIntyre et al. [24]JAMA102/10000200001
Zheng et al. [25]JAMA71/7100000110
Cipriani et al. [26]Lancet184/18020100400
Gayet-Ageron et al. [27]Lancet60/6000000000
Jinatongthai et al. [28]Lancet80/8000000000
Alibhai et al. [29]Ann Intern Med93/9110100001a
Wilson et al. [30]Ann Intern Med80/8000000000
Baxi et al. [31]BMJ70/7000000000
López-López et al. [32]BMJ180/18000000000
Sadeghirad et al. [33]BMJ90/9000000000
Total—general medicine  4/11         
Specialty journals
McCarthy et al. [34]J Clin Oncol1915/19083411028
van Beurden-Tan et al. [35]J Clin Oncol55/5030500001
Abdel-Qadir et al. [36]Ann Oncol70/7000000000
Siontis et al. [37]Circulation41/4100000000
Renda et al. [38]J Am Coll Cardiol43/4020200102
Lau et al. [39]J Am Coll Cardiol1613/162801210412b
Respiratory medicine
Verberkt et al. [40]Eur Respir J93/9c120200200
Ding et al. [41]J Thorac Oncol80/8000000000
Lee et al. [42]J Thorac Oncol70/7000000000
Bethel et al. [43]Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol1715/175d22800217e
de Carvalho et al. [44]Diabetes Care30/3000000000
Maiorino et al. [45]Diabetes Care62/6020000200
Khera et al. [46]Gastroenterology90/9000000000
Nelson et al. [47]GUT91/9010100000
Ford et al. [48]GUT60/6000000000
Total—specialty: 9/15         
Cochrane reviews           
Tenforde et al. [49]Cochrane Database Syst Rev71/7000100000
McNicol et al. [50]Cochrane Database Syst Rev31/3000000010
Normansell et al. [51]Cochrane Database Syst Rev60/6000000000
Total Cochrane 2/3         
  1. aOne author reported receiving “personal fees” from industry but did not specify further, and this was coded as unspecified FCOI
  2. bOne author reported “consulting fees, honoraria, or both” which was coded as unspecified FCOI
  3. cOnly 5 authors out of 9 provided ICMJE forms for disclosure of potential FCOIs in the supplemental material; the information was not reported elsewhere
  4. dBeing a member of the board for the non-profit organization “AstraZeneca HealthCare Foundation” was considered as industry board membership
  5. eFour authors reported receiving “personal fees” but did not specify further, 1 author reported receiving “grants or honoraria for consultancy or lectures,” 1 reported “honorarium for steering committee attendance,” 1 reported honoraria for “participation in study committees,” and 1 reported honoraria for “participation in academic conferences”; these were all coded as unspecified FCOIs