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Table 3 Data charting form

From: Protocol for a scoping review of the current data practices in forensic medicine

Data chart headingDescription
AuthorName of author/s
DateDate article sourced
Title of studyTitle of the article or study
Publication yearYear that the article was published
Publication typeJournal, website, conference, etc.
Study details and design (if applicable)Type of study, empirical or review, etc.
KeywordsWhat key words were present
Abstract screeningScreening for appropriateness of article
Study sector/settingCountry/state/hospital/mortuary
Study populationPopulation studied with regard to demographics
Number of reviewersNumber of reviewers reviewing article
Types of data sources includedDetail the data sources
Reported impact or benefitsList the impact reported, intervention, comparison
Reported challenges or limitationsWhat challenges were encountered
ConclusionImportant aspects of the conclusion
Most significant findingsNoteworthy results of the study
Most relevant findingsFindings that contribute to the research question