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Table 2 Sexual dysfunction measures which will be included in the systematic review

From: Sexual dysfunction and satisfaction in obsessive compulsive disorder: protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis

Eligible measures to assess sexual dysfunctionCoding of broad categories of sexual dysfunctions (DSM-5) (an asterisk indicates that the measure contains a score on the specific dysfunction)Coding of gender-based categories (an asterisk indicates that the measure contains a dysfunction score specific to gender)
General sexual dysfunctionDelayed ejaculationPremature ejaculationErectile disorderMale hypoactive sexual desire disorderFemale orgasm disorderFemale sexual interest-arousal disorderGenito-pelvic pain-penetration disorderMale dysfunctionFemale dysfunctionBoth sexes
Arizona Sexual Experience Scale (ASEX [61];) ******   *
Changes in Sexual Functioning Questionnaire (CSFQ [62];)*******   *
Derogatis interview for sexual functioning (DISF/DISF-SR [63];)*******   *
Derogatis Sexual Functioning Inventory [64]*******   *
Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI [65];)*    *** * 
International Index Erectile Function [66]*****   *  
Israeli Sexual Behavior Inventory [67]* ******  *
Massachusetts General Hospital Sexual Functioning Questionnaire (MGH [68];)*         *
Sexual Activity Questionnaire (SAQ [69];)     *   * 
Sexual Arousability Inventory (SAI [70];)      *  * 
Sexual Interaction Inventory [71]*         *
Sexual Interaction System Scale (SISS [72];)*         *