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Table 1 Suggested data to be extracted from eligible papers

From: A protocol for systematic review of Plantago major L. effectiveness in accelerating wound-healing in animal models

Publication detailsAuthors, year of publication, geographical location of study, funding sources.
Study designSample size, p values, methods to allocation, blinding of outcome assessment, number of the wound by animals, anatomical location of the wound, mechanism of producing the wound model. Concentration of P. major plant tissues used in each study.
Animal speciesRats, mice, rabbits
Animal characteristicsAge, weight, sex.
Duration of follow-upThe time of treatment and the wound closure.
Macroscopic analysisPhoto images, calculation of the retraction of the wound area until the wound closure.
Morphometric analysisFor example, reepithelialization and granulation-tissue formation, evaluated by histology; cell markers, e.g., cytokines, growth factors assessed by Immunohistochemical or ELISA analysis.