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Table 1 Inclusion and Exclusion criteria: A table outlining the inclusion and exclusion criteria used when screening first by title and abstract and then by full text. Papers will be included if they are primary studies of any study design. The population being studied has to be infants born early pre-term up to term. The studies have to be investigating monoclonal antibody prophylaxis compared with no prophylaxis or placebo, on the outcome of recurrent wheeze or asthma. No studies investigating a population of infants with congenital defects will be included, and no other RSV prophylaxis or treatment apart from monoclonal antibody will be considered

From: Respiratory syncytial virus prophylaxis for prevention of recurrent childhood wheeze and asthma: a protocol for a systematic review

All study designsReviews
Primary studies, including peer-reviewed and grey literatureLetters
All ethnicitiesNot about prophylaxis
Population: infants born early pre-term up to term, followed up for 1–10 yearsPopulation: infants with congenital heart defects
Intervention: RSV prophylaxis with monoclonal antibodyAny other interventions such as RSV prophylaxis or treatment with RSV-specific immune globulins, steroids, vaccines, macrolides etc.
Comparison: no prophylaxis or placeboComparison: different dosing regimen of monoclonal antibody
Outcome: recurrent wheeze or asthma developmentBronchiolitis caused by other allergens or viruses such as rhinovirus