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Table 1 Projects with data available publicly on the Systematic Review Data Repository (SRDR) website as of November 12, 2019, sorted by whether or not the review was funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

From: The Systematic Review Data Repository (SRDR): descriptive characteristics of publicly available data and opportunities for research

CharacteristicProjects funded by AHRQ (N = 104)Projects not funded by AHRQ (N = 48)All projects (N = 152)
 Public health5(5)1(2)6(4)
Primary focus of the review
 Interventions (therapeutic or preventive)79(76)30(63)109(72)
 Epidemiology—exposure-outcome association0(0)10(21)10(7)
 Epidemiology—incidence or prevalence2(2)2(4)4(3)
Primary health area addressed (per International Classification of Diseases-10)
 Mental and behavioral disorders30(29)1(2)31(20)
 Diseases of the eye and ocular adnexa1(1)22(46)23(15)
 Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue11(11)1(2)12(8)
 Symptoms, signs, and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings, not elsewhere classified4(4)6(13)10(7)
 Diseases of the genitourinary system5(5)4(8)9(6)
 Diseases of the circulatory system7(7)1(2)8(5)
 Diseases of the respiratory system7(7)0(0)7(5)
 Certain infectious and parasitic diseases7(7)0(0)7(5)
 Factors influencing health status and contact with health services5(5)1(2)6(4)
 Injury, poisoning, and certain other consequences of external causes5(5)0(0)5(3)
 Endocrine, nutritional, and metabolic diseases2(2)2(4)4(3)
 Pregnancy, childbirth, and the puerperium3(3)1(2)4(3)
 Diseases of the digestive system2(2)1(2)3(2)
 Congenital malformations, deformations, and chromosomal abnormalities1(1)0(0)1(1)
 Diseases of the ear and mastoid process1(1)0(0)1(1)
 Codes for special purposes0(0)1(2)1(1)
Type of project
 Full systematic review/technology assessment93(90)39(81)132(87)
 Technical brief8(8)0(0)8(5)
 Methods research2(2)5(10)7(5)
 Evidence map1(1)4(8)5(3)
Registration status in PROSPERO (for full systematic reviews/technology assessments only)
Funding source(s) for project (more than one funding source could apply)
 Pharmaceutical industry0(0)0(0)0(0)
 Other industry0(0)5(11)5(3)
 Foundation/professional society0(0)3(7)3(2)
 Other funding source0(0)11(24)11(7)
 Explicitly stated that no funding was received0(0)2(5)2(2)
Country of corresponding author
 Saudi Arabia0(0)1(2)1(1)
Format of addition of included study data to SRDR (more than one format could apply)
 Manual completion of SRDR data extraction forms27(26)39(81)66(43)
 Import of data into SRDR data extraction forms23(22)19(40)42(28)
 Upload of data as flat files (i.e., not into SRDR data extraction forms)68(65)2(4)70(46)