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Table 9 Mental health

From: Benefits and harms of medical cannabis: a scoping review of systematic reviews

Author, year {refid} Search dates; # databases searched Funding source Nstudies Illness/condition Intervention/comparator Outcomes Conclusions from data AMSTAR-2 rating
Walsh, 2017 [19] 1960–Sept 2015; 2 Government 31 Mental health I: Plant-derived cannabinoids
C: Cannabinoid with no THC
• Improvement in anxiety and depression Only one RCT included (combined with cross-sectional data) CL
O’Neil, 2017 [33] Inception–Mar 2017; 6 Government 5 PTSD I: All types of cannabinoids
C: Different dose or different duration of dose of cannabinoids
N/A observational data N/A observational data M
McLoughlin, 2014 [45] To Aug 12, 2013; 6 Non-profit 1 Schizophrenia I: Plant-derived cannabinoids
C: Amisulpride
• Mental state outcomes Only one study included H
  1. PTSD posttraumatic stress disorder, SBS study-by-study