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Table 7 Rheumatic disease

From: Benefits and harms of medical cannabis: a scoping review of systematic reviews

Author, year Search dates; # databases searched Funding source Nstudies Illness/condition Intervention/comparator* Outcomes Conclusions from data AMSTAR-2 rating
Walitt, 2016 [39] To Apr 26, 2016; 3 No funding 2 Fibromyalgia I: Synthetic cannabinoids
C: Placebo; Amitriptyline
• Pain
• Anxiety
• QoL
• Fatigue
• Depression
• Insomnia
• Mood states
• Withdrawal due to AEs
Reported SBS for all outcomes (vs. placebo or amitriptyline) M
Fitzcharles, 2016 [49] Sept 2013 (updated Jan 2015); 11 NR 4 Rheumatic diseases (inflammatory arthritis, OA, soft tissue rheumatism, and FM) I: Plant-derived and synthetic cannabinoids
C: Placebo; amitriptyline
• Pain
• Sleep quality
• Disease activity score
• QoL
• Sleep measures
• Withdrawal due to AEs
• Total AEs
Reported SBS for pain, sleep, disease activity, and withdrawal due to adverse events (vs. placebo); reported SBS for QoL, sleep measures, withdrawal due to adverse events, and total adverse events (vs. amitriptyline) M
Richards, 2012 [51] Inception to Nov 2010; 4 Non-profit 1 RA I: Plant-derived cannabinoids
C: Placebo
• Movement and morning pain
• Total intensity of pain
• Pain at present
• Sleep
• Withdrawal due to adverse events
• Total adverse events
Favors intervention for movement and morning pain, sleep NRS, and total adverse events. No statistically significant difference between groups for total intensity of pain, pain at present, and withdrawal due to adverse events M
Macfarlane, 2011 [73] Start search date varies by database to Aug 2010; 7 Non-profit 1 RA I: Plant-derived cannabinoids
C: Placebo
• Pain
• Quality of sleep
• 28-joint disease activity score
Only one study included L
  1. AE adverse event, FM fibromyalgia, NR not reported, NRS numerical rating scale, OA osteoarthritis, RA rheumatoid arthritis, SBS study-by-study
  2. *A colon indicates that there were separate analyses for each comparator