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Table 4 Movement disorders

From: Benefits and harms of medical cannabis: a scoping review of systematic reviews

Author, year Search dates; # databases searched Funding source Nstudies Illness/condition Intervention/comparator Outcomes Conclusions from data AMSTAR-2 rating
Koppel, 2014 [85] Inception–Nov 2013; 5 Non-profit 34 MS, HD, PD, cervical dystonia, Tourette syndrome, epilepsy I: All types of cannabinoids
C: Placebo
• Spasticity
• Central NP
• Bladder symptoms
• Tremor
• Symptomatic HD treatment
• Levodopa-induced dyskinesias
• Tic severity
• Cervical dystonia
• Seizure frequency
• Discontinuation of medication due to AEs
Reported SBS for all outcomes except discontinuation of medication due to AEs (favors placebo) L
Mestre, 2009 [75] Start search date varies by database to Dec 2007; 4 Non-profit 1 HD I: Plant-derived cannabinoids
C: placebo
• Chorea severity
• Functional capacity
• HD staging system
• Motor function (SCL-90R)
• Cognition (SCL-90R)
• Psychological distress (SCL-90R)
Only one study included M
Chung, 2006 [78] Searched in Jul 2005; 11 Non-profit 1 PD I: Plant-based cannabis
C: placebo
• Therapeutic effect on L-dopa induced dyskinesia
• Unified PD rating scale
• QoL
• Total AEs
Only one study included L
Pringsheim, 2012 [86] MEDLINE 1950 and EMBASE 1980 to Oct 2010; 2 Government 2 Tic disorders I: Plant-derived cannabinoids
C: Placebo
• Tic frequency and severity
• Total AEs
Favors intervention L
Curtis, 2009 [57] Start search date varies by database and runs “to date”; 8 Government 2 Tourette syndrome I: Plant-derived cannabinoids
C: Placebo
• Tic reduction
• Tic severity
• Obsessive Compulsive disorder (TSSL)
• Video rating
• Total AEs
Favors intervention for tic reduction; reported SBS for total AEs; only one study included for all other outcomes M
  1. HD Huntington’s disease, MS multiple sclerosis, NR not reported, PD Parkinson’s disease, SBS study-by-study, SCL-90R Symptoms Checklist-90 Revised, QoL quality of life, STSSS Shapiro Tourette Syndrome Severity Scale, THC tetrahydrocannabinol, TS-CGI Tourette Syndrome Clinical Global Impressions, TSSL Tourette’s Syndrome Symptom List (patient rated), VAS visual analog scale, YGTSS Yale Global Tic Severity Scale