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Table 3 Data to be extracted from each study

From: Do wastewater treatment plants increase antibiotic resistant bacteria or genes in the environment? Protocol for a systematic review

CategoryParameter to extract
Descriptive characteristics of the study• Location of the study
• Study design
Type of sample, source and outcome• Environmental media or biological sample type tested
• Location of the WWTP where the sample(s) was (were) taken
• Quantity of samples
• Bacterial species and/or genes analyzed
• Microbiological method used
Type of exposure• Categorical: Downstream, downwind or down-gradient
• Continuous: Distance to the WWTP; distance to the Comparator
Type of comparator• Categorical: Upstream, upwind or up-gradient
• Continuous: Distance to the WWTP; distance to the exposure site?
Sample size• If exposure is categorical: Sample size of each group
• If exposure is continuous: Total sample size
If statistical modelling was used• Type of model
• Effect measure (extracted or computed if there is enough raw data reported)
• Measure of variability
p value
Confounding control• Methods to account for confounding or account for clustering data
Measure of resistance• Proportional: Is denominator present? Was the denominator stable across sampling sites?
• Absolute