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Table 2 Study identifiers and data to be extracted

From: Barriers to and facilitators for use of augmentative and alternative communication and voice restorative devices in the adult intensive care unit: a scoping review protocol

• First author and year of publication
• Full reference
• Location of publication
• Study design
• Participant (e.g., patient, nurse, physician, interdisciplinary clinician, family) and unit characteristics
• Stated aim(s) of study
• Communication strategy (e.g., AAC unaided or aided, low or high tech, voice restorative device)
• Verbatim description of barriers and facilitators to communication strategy utilization with reporting stakeholder noted
• Stakeholder reported outcomes related to communication strategy utilization (e.g., ease of tool use; acceptability of tool; satisfaction; speech intelligibility)
  1. AAC, augmentative and alternative communication