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Table 3 Summary of genotyping secondary outcomes

From: A systematic review of natural killer cells profile and cytotoxic function in myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome

Brenu et al. [2]2011NK cell lytic proteinsqRT-PCRGranzyme A (p < 0.05)
Graznyme K (p < 0.05)
IFN-γ (p < 0.05)
Marshall-Gradisnik et al. [44]2016NK cell ion channel SNP TRPC4 (p < 0.05)
TRPC2 (p < 0.05)
TRPM3 (p < 0.05)
TRPM8 (p < 0.05)
AChR receptors CHRNA3 (p < 0.05)
CHRNA2 (p < 0.05)
CHRNB4 (p < 0.05)
CHRNA5 (p < 0.05)
CHRNE (p < 0.05)
Theorell et al. [47]2017Perforin (PRF1)PCR PRF1
  1. NK natural killer, NS no significance, qRT-PCR qualitative reverse transcription polymerase change reaction, SNP single-nucleotide polymorphism, PCR polymerase chain reaction, AChR acetylcholine receptors, TRPC transient receptor potential canonical, TRPM transient receptor potential melastatin