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Table 3 Tabular presentation for ROBIS results

From: An overview of systematic reviews of complementary and alternative therapies for infantile colic

ReviewPhase 2Phase 3
1. Study eligibility criteria2. Identification and selection of studies3. Data collection and study appraisal4. Synthesis and findings5. Risk of bias in the review
Multiple CAM therapies
 1. Perry [22]LowUnclearLowLowLow
 2. Bruyas-Bertholon [23]HighHighUnclearHighHigh
 3. Harb [24]HighHighLowHighHigh
 4. Gutierrez-Castrellon [25]UnclearHighHighHighHigh
Manipulation therapies
 5. Dobson [26]LowLowLowLowLow
 6. Gleberzon [27]HighHighUnclearUnclearHigh
 7. Carnes [28]LowLowLowHighUnclear
 8. Skejeie [29]LowLowLowLowUnclear
Herbal medicine
 9. Anheyer [30]UnclearHighLowHighHigh
 10. Sung [31]UnclearLowLowHighUnclear
 11. Anabrees [32]LowLowLowHighLow
 12. Urbanska [33]LowHighHighHighHigh
 13. Xu [34]UnclearLowLowUnclearLow
 14. Shreck Bird [35]HighHighLowHighHigh
 15. Dryl [36]HighHighUnclearHighHigh
 16. Sung [37]HighUnclearUnclearUnclearUnclear