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Table 1 Characteristics of included trials with IPD

From: Many continuous variables should be analyzed using the relative scale: a case study of β2-agonists for preventing exercise-induced bronchoconstriction

Trial (year)[ref.]Nβ2-Agonist
Anderson (2001) [17]27Salbutamol
Boner (1994) [18]15Salbutamol
de Benedictis (1998) [19]12Salbutamol
Henriksen (1992) [20]12Salbutamol
Pearlman (2007) [21]15Salbutamol
Robertson (1994) [22]8Salbutamol
de Benedictis (1996) [23]12Salmeterol
Green (1992) [24]13Salmeterol
Simons (1997) [25]11Salmeterol
Dinh Xuan (1989) [26]10Terbutaline
Henriksen (1983) [27]14Terbutaline
Debelic (1988) [28]16Reproterol
Walker (1986) [29]12Bitolterol
Schoeffel (1981) [30]10Metaproterenol
All IPD trials187