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Table 3 Quality Appraisal Checklist—Quantitative Studies Reporting Correlations and Associations [14]

From: Clinical significance of premature ventricular contraction among adult patients: protocol for a scoping review

 Source of population well described
 Eligible population representative of the source of population
 Participants represent eligible population
 Selection bias minimized
 Reasonable variables selection
 Acceptably low contamination
 Confounding factors identified and controlled
 Outcome measures and procedures reliable
 Outcome measurements complete
 All important outcomes assessed
 Similar follow-up time in exposed and comparison groups
 Follow-up time meaningful
 Study was sufficiently powered to detect an intervention (if any)
 Multiple explanatory variables considered in the analysis
 Analytical methods appropriate
 Precision of association given or calculable and meaningful
 Study results internally valid
 Findings are generalizable to the source population