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Table 1 Search strategy

From: Clinical significance of premature ventricular contraction among adult patients: protocol for a scoping review

Database Query
CINAHL (MH “Premature Ventricular Contractions”)
Filters: Abstract Available, Academic Journals, English.
Embase (‘heart ventricle extrasystole’/exp. OR ‘heart ventricle extrasystole’) AND ([article]/lim OR [article in press]/lim) AND [english]/lim AND ([young adult]/lim OR [adult]/lim OR [middle aged]/lim OR [aged]/lim OR [very elderly]/lim) AND [clinical study]/lim
PubMed premature ventricular contraction [MeSH]
Filters: Humans, English.
Web of Science Core Collection ((premature ventricular contraction) OR (ventricular extrasystole) OR (ventricular extra systole) OR (premature ventricular beat))
Filters: Document types (Articles), English.