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Table 2 Data extraction categories for eligible studies

From: Interpersonal psychotherapy for perinatal women: a systematic review and meta-analysis protocol

Category Data extracted
Study characteristics First author, year, and country
Participant Eligibility criteria (including different levels in recruitment/sampling plan), demographics, and data collection setting
Intervention characteristics Content, delivery method, unit of delivery, deliverer, setting, exposure quantity and duration, and time span
Assignment method Unit of assignment
Method used to assign units to study conditions, including details of any restriction
Inclusion of aspects employed to help minimize potential bias comparison condition induced due to nonrandomization
Participant flow Flow of participants: enrollment, assignment, allocation and intervention exposure, baseline and outcome measures, and follow-up
Recruitment Method of recruitment, sampling method, and recruitment setting
Retention Method to increase compliance or adherence
Outcomes Stress, anxiety, depression, quality of life, relationship satisfaction/quality, social support, and improved psychological well-being