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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria for full-text analysis

From: The therapeutic effects of microRNAs in preclinical studies of acute kidney injury: a systematic review protocol

Inclusion criteria

 a. Preclinical model of acute kidney injury

 b. In vivo mammalian model

 c. Direct administration of miRNAs, antagomiRs, or locked nucleic acids

 d. In vivo interventions that implicate miRNAs mechanistically in acute kidney injury

 e. Clearly identified functional and/or structural maker(s) of acute kidney injury obtained via validated methods and reported according to standard guidelines

 f. Any type of comparator

 g. Clear identification of the methods of analysis and time points of measurements

Exclusion criteria in order of prioritization

 1. Not an animal study (e.g., in vitro models)

 2. Not a model of experimental acute kidney injury

 3. No administration of miRNA or derivatives or no mechanistic information related to miRNA (e.g., biomarker studies of miRNAs in AKI or descriptive studies on expression of miRNAs in AKI)

 4. No outcome measures of kidney function or structure

 5. Not original research (e.g., review paper, editorial, commentary, patent applications, letters to the editor, opinion papers, narrative reviews)

 6. Not in English, French, Spanish, or Italian

 7. Sub-studies of the main study