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Table 2 Evaluation tool for methodological quality of case reports and case series, adapted from Murad et al [29]

From: Snakebite associated thrombotic microangiopathy: a protocol for the systematic review of clinical features, outcomes, and role of interventions

Domain Relevant leading explanatory questions
Selection 1. Does the study selection method of the case(s) enable a representation of the whole experience of the investigator or reporting centre or is the selection method unclear to the extent that other patients with similar presentation may not have been reported?
Ascertainment 2. Was the exposure of snakebite envenoming adequately ascertained?
3. Was (were) the outcome(s) adequately ascertained?
Causality 4. Were alternative causes that may explain the observation(s) ruled out?
5. Was follow up long enough for outcomes to occur?
Reporting 6. Is the case described with sufficient detail to allow other practitioners to make inferences relating to their own practice?