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Table 2 Search String

From: The psychological subtype of intimate partner violence and its effect on mental health: protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis

  Search algorithm Hits
1. Population Exp
exp Intimate Partner Violence/ OR exp COUPLES/ OR exp Partner Abuse/ OR exp Domestic Violence/ OR exp DYADS/ OR exp MARRIAGE/ OR exp HUSBANDS/ OR exp WIVES/ OR Wife OR *friend/ OR Girlfriend OR Boyfriend OR Dating OR Domestic OR Partner
2. Exposure Keywords
Psychological Victimization OR Emotional Victimization OR Psychological Violence OR Psychological Abuse OR Psychological Assault OR Aggression OR Psychological Aggression OR Emotional Aggression OR Emotional Abuse OR Emotional Assault OR Emotional Violence OR Coercive Control OR Coercion OR Humiliation
3. Measures/scales Keywords
Abusive behaviour Inventory OR (Composite Abuse Scale OR CAS) OR Index of Psychological Abuse OR Measure of Wife Abuse OR Multidimensional Measure of Emotional Abuse OR Partner Abuse Scale-Non Physical OR (Psychological Maltreatment of Women Inventory OR PMWI) OR (Revised Conflict Tactic Scale OR CTS2 OR CTS-2) OR Safe Dates - Psychological Abuse Victimization OR (Women’s Experiences with Battering OR WEB) OR (Tool for Intimate Violence Screening OR HITS) OR (NorVold Abuse Questionnaire OR NorAQ) OR (Controlling Behaviors Scale-Revised OR CBS-R) OR (Follingstad Psychological Aggression Scale OR FPAS) OR Yllo’s Controlling Behavior Questions OR Coercion in Intimate Partner Relationship Scale OR (Measure on Psychologically Abusive Behaviors OR MPAB) OR (Global Perceived Harm OR PH) OR (Index of Spouse Abuse OR ISA-NP) OR (Danger Assessment OR DA)
4. 2 OR 3  
5. Outcome (mental health) Exp and keywords
exp Mental Health/ OR exp Emotional Trauma/ OR exp COMORBIDITY/ OR exp Posttraumatic Stress Disorder/ OR exp MAJOR DEPRESSION/ OR exp “DEPRESSION (EMOTION)”/ OR exp ANXIETY DISORDERS/ OR exp ANXIETY/ OR exp ALCOHOL ABUSE/ OR exp DRUG ABUSE/ OR exp ATTEMPTED SUICIDE/ OR exp SUICIDE/ OR Mental OR Emotional OR OR COMOR*.mp. OR Posttraumatic Stress OR Post-traumatic OR OR Posttraumatic stress OR Post-traumatic OR OR OR Major OR Depress*.mp. OR OR Anxiety OR Anxie*.mp. OR Panic*.mp. OR OR Social Anxie*.mp. OR Substance OR ALCOHOL OR DRUG ABUSE OR ATTEMPTED OR OR OR OR Reduced OR Sexual OR Social OR Educational OR Occupational OR Sleep OR Sleep OR Concentration OR Job OR Social OR Social OR OR Somatic OR Chronic OR OR Poor OR Medical [mp=title, abstract, heading word, table of contents, key concepts, original title, tests & measures]
6. 1 AND 4 AND 5