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Table 1 Selection criteria for systematic review

From: Memory of pain in adults: a protocol for systematic review and meta-analysis

Item Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
P - Studies on adult humans
- Patients with chronic or acute pain and pain-free healthy volunteers
- Studies including children
- Studies on animals
I - N/A - Clinical trials without control group (no intervention group)
C - Original pain rating (experienced pain intensity and/or pain unpleasantness) - N/A
O - Pain rating after delay, i.e. representing memory of pain
- The assessment should be performed on a scale (e.g., VAS, NRS, VRS) that gives a numeric, countable outcome
- Studies in which different dimensions of experienced and recalled pain were assessed
- Studies in which experienced and recalled pain were assessed on different scales/tools
S - N/A - Review articles, conference communications, case studies, letters, editorials, diary studies
  1. P participants, I intervention, C comparison, O outcome, S study type, N/A not applicable, VAS visual analogue scale, NRS numeric rating scale, VRS verbal rating scale