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Table 5 Aims of the reviews looking at factors associated with vaccination uptake

From: Communication around HPV vaccination for adolescents in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic scoping overview of systematic reviews

Systematic reviews looking at attitudes, views and preferences and acceptability with regard to HPV vaccination Stated aim
 Abdullahi et al., 2016 [39]  Knowledge, attitudes, and practices among stakeholders
 Hendry et al., 2013 [42]  Information needs, views, and preferences
 Newman et al., 2013 [46]  Acceptability and factors correlated with acceptability
 Radisic et al., 2016 [48]  Factors associated with acceptability in parents of adolescent boys
Systematic reviews focusing on factors affecting vaccination uptake Stated aim
 Ferrer et al., 2014 [41]  Facilitators and barriers to decision-making by key stakeholders
 Kim et al., 2017 [45]  Awareness, intention, and uptake among immigrant parents
 Newman et al., 2018 [47]  Parents’ uptake, examine factors correlated with parents’ uptake, possible moderating influences of sex of child and parent on uptake
 Rambout et al., 2013 [49]  Barriers and facilitators to vaccination