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Table 4 Outcomes assessed by reviews on the effectiveness of HPV vaccination communication interventions

From: Communication around HPV vaccination for adolescents in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic scoping overview of systematic reviews

Reviews Outcomes assessed Communication intervention purpose1 Details of intervention
[4] Vaccine acceptability, uptake Inform or educate Written information fact sheets from 1 to 2 pages in length
[4]    Not fact sheet based
[4]    1-h slide presentation
[4]    Videos ranging in length from 3 to 10 min
[4]    Hour-long, live presentations delivered at school
[4]    An online fact sheet with a question-and-answer section and a self-quiz
[4]    Spanish-language radio advertisement (referred to as radionovela in the study)
[43]    Community outreach with lectures, pamphlets, posters, radio messages, and dramas
[43] Vaccine uptake   House-to-house education given on a one-on-one basis by community health workers
[43]    Staff training in program policy, sensitize school leadership, community outreach
[43] Vaccine acceptability   Educational session to inform adults and adolescents
[44] Completion rate Inform or educate and remind or recall Reminder messages and education
[44]    Reminder letters vs. standard care
[44]    DVD-based instruction with telephone reminder vs. standard care
[40]    Text messages
  1. 1Categories based on the “Communicate to Vaccinate” taxonomy of communication interventions for childhood vaccination [50]