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Table 1 Scoping review framework for this review [21,22,23]

From: Mapping evidence of the concomitant management of schistosomiasis by traditional health practitioners and health care professionals in communities with high prevalent infections: a systematic scoping review protocol

Arksey And O’Malley framework Enhancements proposed by Levac, Colquhoun, and O’Brien
1. Identify the research question Clarify and link the purpose and research question
2. Identify relevant studies Balance the feasibility with breadth and comprehensiveness of the scoping process
3. Select the study Use an iterative team approach to select studies and extract data
4. Chart the data Incorporate a numerical summary and qualitative thematic analysis
5. Collate, summarize, and report the results Identify the implications of the study findings for policy, practice, or research
6. Consult experts/stakeholders (optional) Provide opportunities for consumer and stakeholder involvement to suggest additional references and provide insights beyond those in the literature