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Table 1 Eligibility criteria

From: Clinical epidemiology and outcomes of ventilator-associated pneumonia in critically ill adult patients: protocol for a large-scale systematic review and planned meta-analysis

Types of study designs Any of the following VAP prognostic studies (published or unpublished) with corresponding control groups (non-VAP patients/survivors):
Interventional study
RCT or clinical trial
Observational study
Prospective cohort study or prospective analysis
Retrospective cohort study or retrospective analysis
Nested case-control study
Case-control study with similar patient groups
Case-control study with unclear or non-equivalent controls.
Types of participants Any of the following adult (15 years or older) ICU population requiring MV:
Cases: patients with VAP/non-survivor group/patients with clinical failure
Controls: patients without VAP/survivor groups/patients with successful treatment
Types of exposures Any of the following exposures:
Host- or patient-related factors
Treatment- or intervention-related factors
Device-related factors
Personnel-related factors
Environmental-related factors
Others (time-dependent factors, any ICU adverse events)
Types of outcome measures Primary outcome measure
Initial episode of microbiologically confirmed VAP (as defined by study authors)
Any of the following secondary outcome measures:
VAP as a predictor of ICU mortality (as reported by study authors)
ICU mortality associated with VAP (as reported by study authors)
ICU mortality associated with VAP in RCT studies
ICU mortality associated with VAP in matched studies
ICU mortality associated with clinically and microbiologically confirmed VAP
In-hospital mortality associated with VAP (as stated by study authors)
Duration of MV (time, measured in days, from initiation to discontinuation)
ICU LOS (time, measured in days, from admission to ICU discharge or death)
Hospital LOS (time, measured in days, from admission to hospital discharge or death)
Microbiological findings by VAP-associated microorganisms (microbiological profile)
Cost of antibiotic treatment of VAP (currency, in US dollar)
Hospitalization costs (currency, in US dollar)
Types of ICU settings No restrictions imposed
Types of languages No restrictions imposed
Timing Any of the following study endpoints: time to VAP, removal of critical ill patients from MV or planned extubation.
No time restrictions for follow-up and retrospective analysis. However, patients must be intubated/ventilated for at least 48 hours.
  1. ICU Intensive care unit, LOS Length of stay, MV Mechanical ventilation, RCT Randomized controlled trial, US United Stated, VAP Ventilator-associated pneumonia