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Table 1 Draft data extraction tool

From: Barriers and facilitators to office-based opioid agonist therapy prescribing and effective interventions to increase provider prescribing: protocol for a systematic review

Variable nameDescription
Study characteristics
 AuthorAuthors of publication
 YearPublication year
 CountryCountry of origin
 LanguageLanguage of publication
 Funding sourceReported source of funding for the study
 PopulationStudy population
 SettingStudy setting
 Study typeStudy design
 Community sizeRural urban or remote
 Location of graduationLocation prescriber graduated from
 Practice typePrivate, group, solo, community health center
 LicensingPrescriber licensing to prescribe opioid agonists
 TrainingTraining in addiction medicine or opioid agonist therapy
 Training typeType of training received in addiction medicine or opioid agonist therapy
 Training type descriptionDescription of training as reported by authors
 SampleSample population
 Study methodStudy method used
 Study participantsNumber of study participants
 Participant response rateWhat proportion of participants responded
 GenderReported gender of participants
 Inclusion criteriaReported inclusion criteria
 Exclusion criteriaReported exclusion criteria
 Statistical analytic techniqueStatistical technique(s) used in analysis
Documented Barriers and Facilitators
 TDF domains
-Barriers or facilitators that reflect individual or group level influences on implementation will be coded to one of Michie et al 2005, TDF Domains (CFIR Domains II, III, and V will be used in lieu of TDF’s Environmental context and resources/Environmental constraints)
Social/professional role and identity
Beliefs about capabilities
Beliefs about consequences
Motivation and goals
Memory, attention, decision processes
Social influences
Behavioral regulation
Nature of the behaviors
 CFIR domains
-Barriers-facilitators that reflect context will be coded into one of Damschroder et al. 2009 CFIR Domains (and their respective subdomains), excluding Domain IV – Individual Characteristics, which will be replaced by TDF domains
I. Intervention characteristics (8)
II. Outer setting (4)
III. Inner setting (5)
V. Implementation process characteristics (4)
 Self-reported willingness to participate in prescribing office-based OATSelf-reported willingness to prescribe office-based OAT
 Actual participation in office-based OAT prescribingReported participation in office-based OAT
 Actual participation in at least one determinant of office-based OAT prescribingReported participation in at least one determinant of OAT prescribing
 OAT determinantsReported determinants
 Documented strategies
(These strategies will be inductively analyzed in an iterative fashion, and coded as themes arise)
Reported strategies for enhancing provider prescription of OAT, or elements of OAT