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Table 2 The critical appraisal results of the included studies using the JBI-Prevalence Critical Appraisal Checklist

From: Living alone and positive mental health: a systematic review

Study Was the sample frame appropriate to address the target population? Were study participants sampled in an appropriate way? Was the sample size adequate? Were the study subjects and the setting described in detail? Was the data analysis conducted with sufficient coverage of the identified sample? Were valid methods used for the identification of the condition? Was the condition measured in a standard, reliable way for all participants? Was there appropriate statistical analysis? Was the response rate adequate, and if not, was the low response rate managed appropriately?
De Moortel et al., 2015 [32] Yes Unclear Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Unclear
Dreger et al., 2014 [33] Yes Unclear Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lukaschek et al., 2017 [34] Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Oates et al., 2017 [35] Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Yes No