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Table 1 Search strategy for PubMed

From: Effect of mobile text message reminders on routine childhood vaccination: a systematic review and meta-analysis

(((((((Child*[MeSH Terms]) OR Child* [All Fields]) OR Infant [MeSH Terms]) OR Infant [All fields])) AND
(((((((Text messag* [MeSH Terms]) OR Text messag* [All Fields]) OR Telemedicine [MeSH Terms]) OR mhealth [All fields]) OR Reminder systems [MeSH Terms]) OR Reminder systems [All Fields]) OR Messag* [All Fields])) AND
(((((((((Immuni* [MeSH Terms]) OR Immuni* [All Fields]) OR vaccin* [MeSH Terms]) OR vaccin* [All Fields]) OR “Mass Vaccination” [Mesh Terms]) OR “Immunization Programs” [Mesh Terms]) OR “Immunization Schedule” [Mesh Terms]) OR “Immunization, Secondary” [Mesh Terms]) OR “Immunization, Passive” [Mesh Terms]))