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Table 3 Scopus search terms for the proposed review

From: Does stage of illness influence recovery-focused outcomes after psychological treatment in bipolar disorder? A systematic review protocol

Search terms
TITLE-ABS-KEY (bipolar OR mania OR manic* OR “manic depress*”)
AND TITLE-ABS-KEY (“psychological therap*” OR psychotherap* OR psychosocial OR “self-management” OR “Psychological intervention” OR cbt OR “cognitive therapy” OR “behavior therapy” OR “behavioural therapy” OR “cognitive behavioural” OR “cognitive behavior” OR mindfulness OR mbct OR “collaborative care” OR ipsrt OR “social rhythm” OR interpersonal OR “Acceptance and Commitment Therapy” OR “ACT” OR dbt OR “dialectical behaviour therapy” OR psychoeducation OR “family therapy” OR “family focused” OR carer OR “functional remediation” OR “cognitive remediation” OR “schema therapy”)
AND TITLE-ABS-KEY (stage* OR staging OR predict* OR mediat* OR moderat* OR neurocognit* OR cognit* OR comorbid* OR episodes OR “number of episodes” OR function* OR trajectory OR “illness history” OR “illness characteristics” OR “course of illness”)
AND TITLE-ABS-KEY (recovery OR “patient-reported outcomes” OR “quality of life” OR function* OR employment OR autonomy OR wellbeing OR social OR disability OR meaning OR vocation* OR cognit* OR acceptance OR self-compassion)