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Table 3 Characteristics of the study-based database in this study

From: Study-based registers reduce waste in systematic reviewing: discussion and case report

Volume Records: ~ 20,000 studies
~ 30,000 references/reports
PICO meta-data: ~ 230 healthcare conditions;
~ 2700 interventionsa;
~ 13,700 outcomes
Variety Standard protocols for meta-data: For references (RIS);
For studies (PICO)
Veracity Document coverage
 Type: Any
 Language All
 Date/time: Any
 Geography Worldwide
 Publication status: Published/unpublished
 Status of study: Allb
 Two independent Information Specialists checked data.
Velocity Information specialist Screens 1000–2000 references per month;
Adds 100–200 eligible references to register.
Value Software: free.
Current number of maintained systematic reviews: 324.
Retracted studies: retraction linked into study record.
Reproducibility and replicability: all SBR’s review-specific steps can be repeated within seconds [100].
Prioritising: sensitive/specific direction of effort
Human resources: skilled information specialist
 Establish register 1 year (F/T) 2–3 years (P/T 50%)
 Maintain register 1 day/week
  1. a Structured, controlled language (e.g. WHO ATC)
  2. b Finished/ongoing/awaiting/terminated/unclear