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Table 1 Definitions for the key elements of SDM in decision aids (DAs)

From: Decision aids that facilitate elements of shared decision making in chronic illnesses: a systematic review

Key element of SDM Definitions for this study [4, 18]
Situation diagnosis The DA explicitly describes the patient’s problem.
Choice awareness The DA explicitly acknowledges that the patient’s situation is mutable, that there is more than one sensible way to address or change this situation, and that patient input matters in deciding how to proceed.
Option clarification The DA explicitly lists and describes the options available.
Harms and benefits discussion The DA explicitly explains the harms and benefits of the available options.
Patient preferences deliberation The DA explicitly elicits the patient’s preferences or explicitly motivates the parties to discuss them.
Making the decision The DA explicitly elicits the patient’s wish to make or defer a decision, asks for the patient’s choice, or describes the patient’s choice.