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Table 2 Search strategy

From: Using mobile phones to improve young people’s sexual and reproductive health in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review protocol to identify barriers, facilitators and reported interventions

Population (‘adolescen*’ [Mesh] OR ‘school*age*’ OR student* OR teen* OR youth* OR ‘young adult*’ OR ‘young people’ OR ‘younger people’ OR ‘young women’ OR ‘young men’ ‘teenager’ OR ‘middle schooler’ OR ‘high schooler’ OR ‘secondary school’OR ‘Young adult’ [Mesh]) AND
Intervention (Mobile phone OR mhealth [All Fields]) OR telemedicine [MeSH Terms]) OR cellphone [MeSH Terms]) OR reminder system [MeSH Terms]) OR wireless technology [MeSH Terms])OR text messaging [MeSH Terms]) OR medical informatics [MeSH Terms]) OR pda [MeSH Terms]) OR smartphone [MeSH Terms]) OR tablet computer [MeSH Terms]) AND
Barriers Poor funding for SRH OR inadequate information on implementation costs OR inadequate information on cost-effectiveness OR political resistance OR poor availability of resources OR social unacceptability
Facilitators Adequate information on implementation cost OR political stability and support OR availability of resources OR Social acceptability OR funding for SRH
Outcome (Health outcomes OR behavioral outcomes OR Education and awareness OR ‘sexual health’ OR ‘reproductive health’ OR ‘sexual behavior’ OR ‘sex education’ OR condom* OR HIV OR HIV/AIDS OR PLHIV OR “acquired immunodeficiency syndrome” OR HPV OR ‘family planning’ OR abortion* OR abstinen* OR contracept* OR pregnan* OR sexual health rights OR ‘sexually transmitted infection’ OR ‘sexually transmitted infections’ OR STI OR STIs OR ‘sexually transmitted disease’ OR ‘sexually transmitted diseases’ OR ‘STD’ OR ‘STDs’ OR ‘sexual debut’ OR puberty OR ‘safe sex’) AND
Setting (‘Developing country’ OR ‘South Asian countries’ OR ‘African countries’ OR ‘low and middle income Arab Countries’ OR ‘developing nation’ OR ‘least developed country’ OR ‘least developed nation’ OR ‘less developed nation’ OR ‘third world country’ OR ‘third world nation’ OR ‘under developed country’ OR ‘remote region’ OR ‘low and middle income country’ OR ‘under developed nation’ OR ‘low and middle income nation’ OR Angola OR Indonesia OR Philippines OR Armenia OR Jordan OR São Tomé and Principe OR Bangladesh OR Kenya OR Solomon Islands OR Bhutan OR Kiribati OR Sri Lanka OR Bolivia Kosovo OR Sudan OR Cabo Verde OR Kyrgyz Republic OR Swaziland OR Cambodia OR Lao PDR OR Syrian Arab Republic OR Cameroon OR Lesotho OR Tajikistan OR Congo, Rep. OR Mauritania OR Timor-Leste OR Côte d’Ivoire OR Micronesia, Fed. Sts. Tunisia OR Djibouti OR Moldova OR Ukraine OR Egypt, Arab Rep. OR Mongolia OR Uzbekistan OR El Salvador OR Morocco OR Vanuatu OR Georgia OR Myanmar OR Vietnam OR Ghana OR Nicaragua OR West Bank and Gaza OR Guatemala OR Nigeria OR Yemen, Rep. OR Honduras OR Pakistan OR Zambia OR India OR Papua New Guinea)
Filters Publication date from January 2005 to March, 2018; Humans; English