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Table 1 Eligibility criteria

From: Using mobile phones to improve young people’s sexual and reproductive health in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review protocol to identify barriers, facilitators and reported interventions

Attribute Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Population Various terms are used to categorize young people: “adolescents” refers to 10–19 years, “youth” refers to 15–24 years, and “young people” refers to 10–24 years.
Studies involving young people (adolescents and youth) aged 10–24 years to which mHealth interventions were delivered for improving their SRH outcomes
Studies involving groups of women, men, and girls under the age of 10 years and over the age of 24 years
Intervention Studies will be included that have involved mHealth intervention to improve ASRH services Studies involving other ICT interventions, ART compliance reminders, EmONC coverage, managerial and financial level interventions, physical mobile clinics, and teleconsultations
Comparison The comparison is the usual standard of care, or in the case of a randomized control trial, the comparison is the control condition. Not applicable
Outcome Improvement in adolescent sexual and reproductive health services
Behavioral outcomes
Improved education and awareness
ASR Health outcomes
Studies with other outcomes such as demonstrating skilled birth attendants, emergency care, quality of life, immunization coverage, cost-effectiveness of intervention, child development, and others
Setting Studies conducted in LMICs Studies conducted elsewhere
Study designs Randomized and non-randomized controlled trials, pre- and post-test designs, non-experiment observational (cross-sectional, case-series, case studies), and qualitative papers Commentaries, editorials, symposium proceedings, and systematic reviews
Language Studies available in the English language as authors are proficient in this language Studies which were not available in an English translation
Time period Studies published between January 2005 to March 2018 as the field of mHealth emerged over the last decade Studies published before January 2005 and after March 2018