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Table 1 Study data collection

From: Mesenchymal stem cells for sensorineural hearing loss: protocol for a systematic review of preclinical studies

Study characteristic Specific items
Study identifiers Title, authors, journal, publication year, county of publication, and sponsorship
Study design Number of animals assigned to each experimental and control group and method of SNHL induction
Animal model characteristics Animal species, gender, strain, age, method of SNHL induction, and immune status
Intervention characteristics Source of MSCs, MSC identifiers including plastic adherence, positive/negative markers, differentiation, cell expansion media, passage number, cell dose, method of delivery, timing relative to SNHL induction, and frequency of MSC administration
Outcome measures Method of assessing hearing outcome and timing of data collection relative to SNHL induction
Other Long-term outcomes, type of control, MSC side effects (animal survival)