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Table 4 Barriers to well water testing and possible solutions provided

From: Factors influencing perceptions of private water quality in North America: a systematic review

Barrier to well water testing Recommendation to overcome barrier Study
Inconvenience in dropping off and picking up water sampling bottles (time to get to water test locations and hours of operation for water testing centres) Making bottle pick up and drop off more convenient for water testing or setting up services for delivering and picking up water sampling bottles [1, 19, 46, 52, 55]
No need to frequently conduct testing Sending well testing reminders and making the issue of well water testing more salient to well water owners [1, 19, 46, 52, 55, 60]
Lack of information or misinformation on water testing Educational/information awareness programs [1, 19]
Forgetfulness of procrastination Sending reminders [1, 19]
No stated reason Educational/information awareness programs [1, 19]
Costs Provide cost sharing or incentives [1, 19, 46]
No health problems attributed to well water testing or no problem perception Provide educational/information awareness programs [1, 19]
Use of water treatment Education/information awareness on what treatments to use [1, 19]
Interpretation of water quality result Education/information awareness on what exceedances to MAC’s mean [46, 52]