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Table 1 Income support and healthcare system characteristics (adapted from [46, 48, 50, 51])

From: The impact of income support systems on healthcare quality and functional capacity in workers with low back pain: a realist review protocol

Characteristic Type
Region Region where the approach is located
Disability policy model Social-democratic disability policy model, liberal disability policy model, corporatist disability policy model
Employment injury protection scheme type Social insurance, non-contributory non-means-tested scheme (universal), non-contributory means-tested schemes (social assistance), employer liability
Unemployment protection scheme type Contributory unemployment benefit schemes, non-contributory unemployment benefit schemes, employment guarantee schemes, unemployment individual savings accounts, severance pay
Healthcare system funding model Market model, welfare state model, mixed model
Healthcare system type National health service, national health insurance, social health insurance, private health system, etatist social health insurance
Comments Additional comments about this approach to supporting workers with NSLBP