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Table 1 Search strategy—Ovid MEDLINE

From: Inappropriateness of health care in Canada: a systematic review protocol

# Controlled vocabulary (MeSH) and text word search terms
1 Health services research/
2 Health care reform/
3 “Health services needs and demand”/
4 Comparative effectiveness research/
5 Inappropriate Prescribing/
6 Quality Assurance, Health Care/
7 guidelines as topic/ or practice guidelines as topic/
8 “Quality of Health Care”/
9 (quality adj2 indicat*).tw.
10 Delivery of Health Care/
11 or/1-10
12 Guideline Adherence/
13 Critical Pathways/
14 exp Decision Theory/ or Decision Trees/ or exp Decision Support Techniques/
15 ((clinical or diagnostic or practice or practice or physician) adj3 decision* adj3 (rule or tool or tools or pathway* or support* or model or models or system or systems)).ti,ab.
16 ((CDST or CDSTs) and decision).ti,ab.
17 ((pathway? or protocol? or algorithm?) adj2 (clinical or treatment? or diagnos* or management or infection? or infectious? or antibiotic?)).ti,ab.
18 critical pathway*.ti.
19 inappropriate.ti,ab,kf.
20 (quality adj2 (improv$ or manag$ or care or healthcare)).ti,ab.
21 ((inappropriate or appropriate or overuse or overused or over-used or over-use) adj2 (care or approach or health care or healthcare or treat* or therap*)).ti,ab.
22 or/12-21
23 (canadian* or canada* or british columbia* or alberta* or saskatchewan* or manitoba* or ontario* or quebec* or new brunswick* or prince edward island* or nova scotia* or labrador* or newfoundland* or nunavut* or northwest territor* or yukon* or toronto* or montreal* or vancouver* or ottawa* or calgary* or edmonton* or winnipeg* or first nation* or metis).jw,ti,ab,hw,ot,kf.
24 ((indigenous or aborig*) adj2 (people or person*)).ti,ab,kf.
25 exp Canada/
26 Or/23-25
27 11 and 22 and 26
28 limit 23 to yr=“2007 - 2019”