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Table 1 Original and modified Minogue scales and outcomes categorization for the primary outcome analysis

From: Pharmacological methods for reducing coughing on emergence from elective surgery after general anesthesia with endotracheal intubation: protocol for a systematic review of common medications and network meta-analysis

Outcomes categorization Grade and severity description Modified Minogue scale
To be used for our analysis
Original Minogue scale
3-point Likert scale
None to mild Grade 1 (none) No coughing or muscular stiffness  
Grade 2 (mild) Coughing once or twice, or transient cough response to removal of tracheal tube that resolved with extubation Single cough
Moderate to severe Grade 3 (moderate) ≤ 3 coughs lasting 1~2 s, or total duration of coughing last ≤ 5 s More than one episode of non-sustained coughing lasting ≤ 5 s
Grade 4 (severe) ≥4 coughs with each lasting > 2 s, total duration of coughing last > 5 s Sustained coughing of more than 5 s duration